Ready. Set. GROW.

I help R.E. investors flip, rent & wholesale MORE houses.

My name is Ben, and I'll be your virtual coach!

Learn High-Value Topics

Learn these valuable topics (and MANY more):

- BUY & HOLD RENTALS for passive income

- WHOLESALING houses for quick profits

- PROBATE DEALS for high-equity houses

- OFFER FOLLOW-UP practices for MORE deals

- LEAD GENERATION for predictable profits

- FUNDING OPTIONS to purchase more houses

- CONTRACT DOWNLOADS to flip houses risk free

- TENANT PLACEMENT for pain-free rentals


All of these topics and MANY MORE are covered in great detail.

Regardless of your current experience level, there are courses and topics that will help you GROW your R.E. business.

Overcome challenges

In addition to teaching investment strategy, the video courses also address many individual issues that Real Estate investors often struggle with such as:

- LACKING CONFIDENCE to make big decisions

- FEAR of being sued or losing a lot of money

- UNCOMFORTABLE with contract negotiations

- CONFUSION about how a particular strategy works

- DOUBTFUL of whether you're cut out for investing

- NEED HAND-HOLDING to get started the right way

- ANXIOUS of whether you're making the right choices

- SKEPTICAL of working with other people

- UNSURE about what market to invest in

All of these issues listed above are VERY COMMON - which is why so many people struggle with them. Each will be individually overcome throughout the courses!

Strengthen weaknesses

Everyone experiences their own set of challenges they must overcome. First we'll identify the problem - then we'll fix it.

- POORLY NETWORKED with the wrong people

- INEFFECTIVE or NON-EXISTENT offer follow-up

- FINANCIALLY LIMITED and unable to jump on deals

- UNCERTAINTY of whether your offers are good

- UNEDUCATED regarding investment strategies

- INABILITY to effectively manage renovations

- INSUFFICIENT volume of incoming leads

- POOR CHOICE OF MARKET for specific investment goals

- LACKING CLARITY of what you're trying to achieve

- MISDIRECTED FOCUS on the wrong tasks

If you struggle with any of these issues, feel confident in knowing that you'll be able to finally gain clarity and understanding by making your way through the courses. All of these issues can and will be overcome.

Student Reviews:

Brandon Sparks

OMNI Invest, LLC / Tampa, FL

Last year I was struggling. I closed a deal here and there, but definitely nothing to get excited about. Financially, I knew I either needed to quit or get some help. My cousin said good things about Ben so I reached out to see if he could help me really learn Real Estate wholesaling. I was skeptical at first, but I know now that Ben definitely knows this business - no doubt. Right now, I closed nearly 600k in wholesale deals in less than a year. I can hardly believe it myself, but that's happening. I really got to credit Ben for helping get me there. His online Real Estate investing courses on wholesaling and overcoming obstacles really made all the difference for me. I really can't thank you enough!"

Tony Cutino

Peak Partners, LLC / Wrightsville Beach, NC

“I’ve taken a lot of Real Estate courses, but Ben’s is the only one that made me money.”


Section 8 Landlord / Atlanta, GA

"I have to say your online Real Estate courses are just wonderful. Ben, you are a great instructor, the courses are very easy to comprehend. I love your simple marketing campaign system you have set up. It's not complicated and it really gets the job done. I highly recommend Ben's investing courses to all looking to get into real estate investing. Thanks a lot Ben!"

Hector Ortiz

House Flipper / Ruidoso, NM

“This course waaaaay under promises and waaaaay over delivers.”

Khalil Edwards

Peregrine Properties / Dallas, TX

This guy is the freakin’ bomb! Seriously. I've been learning how to investing in rental properties for several years now with LOTS of frustrating experiences. Ben's course on BUY & HOLD Real Estate Investing really broke down the process is a way that just made everything CLICK for me. Thank a TON, Ben. You've definitely got a new fan here.

Anthony Welch

R.E. Entrepreneur / Atlanta, GA

“Ben's course on Wholesale Real Estate Contracts was just excellent! Whether you're an experienced investor or newbie, Ben gives clear and concise real-world content along with examples. I have previous knowledge of real estate investing, but I am always looking to enhance my toolbox. Ben definitely helped me achieve that with his online real estate course."

Anthony Detry

"Ben's Real Estate course was straightforward, he cut out the fluff and it was easy to follow. Looking forward to more deals as a result of this training!"

Jeffrey Southard

"Another meaningful and actionable Real Estate course from Ben. He is able to lend true tangibility and process to real estate investing skills, which I found most valuable here. The included, downloadable, forms and agreements are excellent supplements to the lessons."

Will Edmonds

"Simple yet very engaging lectures. Ben, your teachings prove that success in Real Estate is not a matter of highly complex actions, but is rather a matter of learning and implementing a few simple but very specific skill sets. Your course illustrates this perfectly."

Chris M.

“An excellent online Real Estate course by an excellent Real Estate Teacher. Ben is as genuine as they come, and I get a real sense of comfort from his REI teachings. It's apparent that he knows his stuff, but he's got this really down-to-earth style at the same time. Having purchased over 50 Real Estate courses from other Teachers, I feel like his course on Probate Real Estate investing is easily the most professional, most thorough, most polished, and most comprehensive of everything else I've tried."